Grundy County Health Department
Public Health Services

Environmental Services

People take the safety of their food and water for granted. GCHD inspects all county restaurants, taverns, grocery stores, motels, school cafeterias, licensed daycares, and senior citizen centers. The Health Department also monitors food safety for the North Central Missouri Fair and Missouri Days. We test water samples from private wells and investigate private sewage complaints. Food safety courses are available upon request.





Communicable Disease Investigation & Surveillance

It's much easier to control and prevent a disease outbreak than to treat one. The Grundy County Health Department monitors our county for possible disease trends. This is called surveillance. Surveillance sites are located throughout the county; they report the number of sick people so we can look for increased activity.


Certain illnesses are reportable. When a person contracts whooping cough, for example, GCHD works with the person, his family, and other possible contacts to limit the spread of disease. Vaccinations are offered, if appropriate, and contacts are educated about how the disease can be spread.



Emergency Preparedness

Grundy County Health Department participates in emergency planning activities. We are members of the Grundy County Local Emergency Planning Committee and work closely with other state and local agencies to plan for the possibility of a public health crisis, such as a disease outbreak. We are also prepared to respond to other emergencies, like a flood, where public health might be impacted.