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GCHD Letter To Families With Health Insurance

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December 31, 2012


To:  GCHD Clients With Private Health Insurance


From:  Elizabeth Gibson, GCHD Administrator


Re:  State Vaccine Funding


Beginning October 1, 2012 the Grundy County Health Department‘s immunization program is undergoing some changes. On August 17, the State of Missouri notified GCHD that we could no longer use state-purchased (Section 317) vaccine to immunization children with insurance. See the State’s letter to the Health Department. Use of Section 317 vaccine enabled us to give childhood immunizations free of charge.


If your child has private insurance; here are your current options:

  • If your situation has changed and you no longer have private insurance, give us a call. We can use Vaccines for Children (VFC) vaccine to immunize your child free of charge. This Federally-funded vaccine can only be given to children that qualify for Medicaid, have no insurance, or are Alaskan-American Indian.
  • Call your health insurance provider and ask if they cover childhood vaccinations. If they do not cover vaccinations, you are considered under-insured and we can serve you.
  • If your insurance covers vaccinations, we can still immunize your child but cannot file a claim with your insurance. We would charge you the cost of the vaccine but nothing for administration. We are working toward securing agreements with several insurance providers but those contracts are still pending.
  • Make an appointment with your physician or another physician that provides immunization services for children that can bill your insurance.


I am very sorry about this change and the effect that it will have on your family. Our agency has been and will continue to explore ways to restore these services to our agency and offer the option of billing health insurance. We will update you if the situation changes.


Although the funding for this service has changed, the importance of immunizing your child has not changed. Immunizations are vital for protecting the health of your child! Our monthly well-child screenings with the doctor or nurse practitioner is still a free service we hope you will continue to utilize even though you are getting your immunizations elsewhere.


We welcome your questions—please call me or any member of the Grundy County Health Department staff at (660) 359-4196.